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SousChef 1.2.1 Released

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

We released SousChef 1.2.1 (v641) today. This update fixes many bugs and introduces Snow Leopard support officially (previously available in beta).

A short list of fixes and improvements follows:

Bug Fixes

  • Snow Leopard compatibility fixes
  • Autocomplete is more subtle
  • Focus doesn’t jump to previously selected text fields when editing recipes
  • Can now reorganize recipe collections within a folder
  • Fixed a bug where printing or mailing a grocery list wouldn’t work with a blank ingredient
  • Fixed issues where you could select and edit outside the text fields
  • Fixed a crash involving recipe importing after deleting
  • Fixed a bug where ‘$’ in your recipe would stop you from blogging a recipe

This update may be downloaded here.

Snow Leopard

Friday, August 28th, 2009

We are making a beta version of SousChef that fixes compatibility issues with Snow Leopard available publicly. You can download it here (update: changed link to point to 1.2.1 final). Look for a full release in the near future. If you are seeing compatibility issues with Snow Leopard after installing this beta, please contact our support team and make sure you reference the build number shown in SousChef’s about screen as we’ll be updating the beta periodically.

Update: We’ve released 1.2.1 final. Get it here.